Chiang Mai – Thai Foot Reflexology


I took a massage class in Chiang Mai at ITM, the International Training Massage School. While I’m please to be certified in Thai Foot Reflexology massage, I don’t know how ready I am to have any clients. I still had to use the book to take the exam, so I’ll just practice on my friends and do trades for other services for now.

ITM is one of the bigger, well known massage schools in Chiang Mai. There were 4 of us in my class, 2 woman from Brazil and 1 from Spain, it was a nice way to meet people and learn massage.
The two teachers were nice but we never got to have them work on us. They were both from Pai, a small town 3 hours north of Chiang Mai, which I went to next. One of them is part of the family who started the Old Medicine Hospital, one of the oldest and most established massage schools in Chiang Mai. He said he had been doing massage since the womb. His nickname was “Gift”, which I hoped was for his massage skills. Gift would tease us at the end of class by telling us to go back to our hotels, knock on the door of someone across the hall and ask them if they wanted a foot massage.

We all passed the exam, but we all had to use the book to go through the steps because in 4 evenings there wasn’t enough time to practice and really learn all the steps. Unless, of course, you were practicing on the people in your hotel.

Now when family and friends are shocked to see me after being away for so long…I can relax with them with a good foot massage.






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