Bucket List

Everyone needs a Bucket List.  We’re continually writing our life story …so here is mine:

  • Wake up to the realization of what my natural gifts are & use them to inspire & serve others
  • Be a part of a loyal and loving family of friends
  • Create a loyal, loving, supportive family with a kind, generous husband who adores me and is devoted to family
  • Be a great storyteller
  • Communicate my love for photography on my blog
  • Take some spectacular sunset & sunrise photos
  • Be a channel for the divine through writing, photography or any other medium that serves and inspires
  • Travel the world writing pieces that need to be written and generating income from them.
  • Enhance my intelligence and perception to live my life to its fullest potential
  • Found a center for homeless and at-risk youth and their families that teaches them martial arts, yoga and ayurveda
  • Meet the Dalai Lama
  • Be able to raise one eyebrow like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City
  • Travel, write and photograph in Croatia
  • Travel, write and photograph in Burma
  • Experience world-class scuba diving 
  • Dive Raja Empat
  • Dive the Galapagos
  • Swim with manta rays
  • Swim with whale sharks
  • Travel and scuba dive from a yacht
  • Skydive
  • Trek Machu Picchu
  • Have a blast at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans with good friends
  • Stay with George Clooney at Villa Oleandra in Lake Como with fun loving friends
  • Travel on a private jet
  • Spend a few nights in a suite at a 5 star hotel with a love
  • Communicate in at least one other language fluently
  • Play a musical instrument joyfully
  • Ghost write Mark Wahlberg’s autobiography in a way that serves and inspires at-risk youth
  • Hang out backstage Dave Matthews 
  • Always be able to afford anything my family and I need or want
  • Relax  & embody that money flows freely in and out of my life and that I already have everything I need
  • Always be at ease with myself
  • Be able to wake up happy and experience joy inside regardless of what’s happening in my life around me
  • Absolute Love 
  • Understand and use the information in my dreams
  • Listen, understand and live by all the info my body gives me
  • Stay in the wonder

Creating this page was inspired by Lesley and Darren Carter and their badass blog /online magazine where they support and fund other people to make their Bucket List dreams come true. Check them out at Bucket List Publications

5 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Hello Jen Baxter! Stumbled upon a post from you on Isha.. and landed here 🙂 I did my first class with Sadhguru last year and still continue to be involved..

    are you still in India? wanted to share some more recommendations at Isha while you’re here..

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