Diving in Gili Air

Sitting here listening to the gentle sound of the ocean about 100 feet away I’m feeling totally relaxed, tired and beginning to really understand how my mind plays tricks on me. Today was our first underwater dive and I hit a place of being completely fascinated by the world underwater. I’m not sure if I can ever eat another fish again. I love how they swim in schools. It’s so completely peaceful and full of life down there. We only went 10 meters below and I could feel the different world. So difficult to explain, it’s like a combination of meditation, floating and underwater exploration. The visibility is clear in the water and the as you drive out in the boat the water is the most beautiful crystal clear turquoise blue. It’s breathtaking above the water and below.

Zuri and I are staying at a place called Ocean’s 5 dive school and it’s really the perfect set up. They have sweet little bungalows that have a 25 meter pool just steps outside of your bungalow. Then only steps away from that is the ocean. The day starts out either watching a video about diving or flopping in the pool to do some exercises and then we just head to the ocean to try it all out there. It’s amazing. Our instructor Phil is from south London and even though his accent is hard to understand at times we make each other laugh. He’s also a genuinely sweet guy who is passionate about diving.

Gili Air is clean, peaceful and totally laid back. It’s the kind of beach town where you feel like you can kick your shoes off and never put them on again until you leave the island. After a full day of classes and diving we just take a nap and then head to a beach side warung for happy hour and dinner. Zuri and I tend to pick the happy hours that offer popcorn with your drinks. That’s a full day here and I’m spent by the end of it. There’s nothing better for me then ending the day having dinner on the beach listening to the sound of the ocean and talking with a good friend. Those are my happiest memories.

The sunsets have been amazing here. I heard about the sunsets before we arrived and I have not been disappointed. A beautiful sunset after a day of diving. Yesterday we went down 30 meters (100 feet) and we saw about 4 sharks. Over all we’ve seen, sharks, tuna, lobster, puffer fish, sea turtles, star fish…that’s just naming a few. In four days we’ve done 5 dives with the Oceans 5 people and we have not been disappointed. I’m looking forward to trying a few dive sites around Bali now so I can keep everything I’ve learned fresh.

Zuri & I hanging out at Scallywags
Komang, Zuri & I at Chill Out Lounge for Happy Hour

Beyond Happy Hour

On the Boat
Fav Chairs at Scallywags